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A new look for silver Flow rings

Organically shaped, handmade silver Flow rings in brushed silver

As I'm sure you know, the Flow pieces - rings first, then pendants and earrings - emerged during the past difficult winter. As a maker and designer, so much of what I create comes from how I'm feeling, and these pieces certainly mirrored what I felt during those long, dark winter days of 2020. The subtle, almost imperceptibly pale gold solder on the irregular curves felt like just the right touch - just the right amount of optimism to keep going, while knowing that it wasn't over yet.

While we all know that the world's trials this pandemic are far from over, I think that the time is right to alter the design slightly and bring it more in line with the direction that the collection is heading in now. Until now, the Flow rings have had a drop of pale gold solder at the join - a symbol of love and light in trying times. From Friday, silver Flow rings will be an unbroken, flowing line of silver - no gold solder. The price will stay the same, for now (although, counterintuitively perhaps, they actually cost more to make without the gold solder because of the extra time spent filing, buffing and shaping the join to make it perfectly seamless - a labour of love!).

I'm fond of these rings, and I know and am grateful that many of you have grown fond of them too, and I suspect that their evolution is not quite over yet. 

But for now, I have to tell you that I'm going to discontinue the gold-soldered silver Flow rings. At the end of the day on Friday, the online listing will change to reflect the new, all-silver design, with some lovely new photos which I think truly capture the softness of the shape and surface, and the lightness which I hope we will all start to feel again soon. 

A silver Flow ring with pale gold solder, laying on a pencil and ink sketch

If you have your heart set on one or more Flow rings with gold solder, please make sure you place your order online before the end of the day this Friday 7th May (BST). In the meantime, if you're eager to have the new style of Flow ring, you may order online as usual, and simple enter a note with your ring size and that you'd like the new, all-silver version, and I'll be thrilled to create them for you.

Find Flow rings in silver here.

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