An alternative approach to Valentines Day

Gold Droplet Studs, and a Valentines offer

I wasn't going to offer a Valentines Day special event this year. Valentines Day has never been a particularly important feature in my calendar - I believe small acts of love can be performed anytime, and be just as meaningful, or even more so, away from the hype and pressure of this one particular day.

Gold Droplet Earrings laying on a natural cotton cloth

However, my children came home from school yesterday with a note explaining that the school is having a 'Love Yourself' day on Friday, Valentines Day, and they are encouraged to come to school dressed in whatever makes them feel happy, and however they feel most like themselves. What a beautiful way to teach those young minds to love themselves and their peers as unique individuals, and to feel good about it.

So, in the spirit of 'Love Yourself Day', I've decided to have a flash offer - this weekend only you can save 10% on earrings from the online shop. Earrings are a sweet, simple addition to any outfit. My Droplet earrings are comfortable and easy to wear, featuring simple shapes, beautifully crafted. They are versatile, and I like to think that they will make you feel good about yourself whether you are dining out or staying home in your comfortable casuals.

It is very limited time, this weekend only, so that your pieces can arrive with you in time for Friday and the weekend. 

Silver Droplet Earrings on a white background

Treat yourself, or buy for your special ones. No code necessary - the discount is already applied and is valid until midnight on Sunday 9th February. Order this weekend and your earrings will be delivered in time for Valentines Day.

Shop Earrings here.

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