Beautiful new packaging

After months of planning and trials, I am so happy to finally reveal the beautiful new packaging that your jewellery will be wrapped in.


Gold Droplet Studs

I've created two sizes of simple, versatile fabric bags, made in small batches by myself in organic, Oeko-Tex certified linen - a fabric which I absolutely love for the way it wears and ages beautifully, as well as its ecological and sustainability credentials.

The smaller sized pouch is perfect for holding earrings, rings and other small items, while the larger size is specially designed for bracelets and necklaces - it contains a small loop just inside the opening, through which you can thread the chain or cord of your piece to prevent tangles.


A handmade linen jewellery pouch containing a gold pendant


Every piece will be gift wrapped in translucent, archival quality glassine paper, which is just stunning and something that I hope you will save and reuse - in a scrapbook or journal perhaps, or to pass on as wrapping for another small gift.


A carefully wrapped package, in natural colours and translucent glassine paper


I thought long and hard about this move from boxes to pouches. It is important to me that everything I send out as part of my business is truly useful and versatile, but it is also important to me that I'm able to conduct my business as sustainably as possible. The linen I use is sourced from an excellent UK supplier, as are all of the branding and wrapping materials, and instead of buying large quantities of different sized jewellery boxes in bulk from overseas (which is both expensive and impractical - I work from a small studio and storage space is very limited), I am able to produce small-batch pouches according to my needs and my customers needs.


A gold pendant laying on a neat, white, linen bag


The linen pouches are designed to be reused, to keep your jewellery in on your bedside table, perhaps, or to slip into a jewellery box. They are also versatile enough to put to other uses around the house or in your bag, and I really hope you enjoy using yours.

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