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Beautiful simplicity in complicated times

Last week I released my final pieces of jewellery for the summer, and the pieces which have been forged during the most unusual, unexpected times. I have been truly moved by the response and the kind words from many of you about this jewellery, at this time, and I'm thrilled and honoured that it speaks to you in the way in which it was intended - of gentle joys, quiet moments and simple beauty. In many ways, this has been a challenging collection to put together. In other ways, it has been the most natural emergence of pendants and bracelets from my bench for a long time. 

Like so many steps forward by so many other creative small businesses this year, this small summer collection was borne out of challenging circumstances, and on the whole, my kids and I, like everyone else, have been muddling through as best we can.

While I battled on for the first couple of months, feeling guilty that I couldn’t do it all and mourning the lost opportunities that might not come again, eventually I realised I had to make a decision.

Either I feel bad about what I can’t do, or I feel good about what I can. I went for the latter.

I put my new designs on hold, as we’ve all put so many other things on hold. I accepted that I wasn’t going to be making any groundbreaking new work, and I focused on the essentials - careful craftsmanship, simple design, refined details.

Making these jewels through these strangest of times has been a comforting, mindful process. I’ve spent the hours getting small, insignificant shapes just right. I’ve taken control of the things I have control over - the shape and surface of each droplet, the satisfying mechanism of the clasps, the brightly burnished edges against the raw natural beauty of the gold and silver.

I’ve been making with my heart and my hands, not my mind, and it has felt tangibly positive during times when it has been difficult to shake the background hum of anxiety. I hope you wear them with your heart and your hands too - enjoying the simple aesthetic and feeling the carefully crafted surfaces between your fingers. 

I see these pieces as the essence of simple beauty. They are designed to catch the light, softly glowing and dancing in delicately playful ways. They are the product of a very particular time in our collective history, and I like to think that they contain some of the love and resilience that shows itself even in the hardest times, if we take a quiet moment to see it.

They all share the same story but each one is unique, a little like us, and I hope they are worn as small droplets of love, or courage, or strength, beauty or comfort, whatever you as the wearer needs. Subtle, personal talismans to move with you through the good times and the challenges.

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