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Golden Lights - new rutilated quartz rings

Coveted for its unique inclusions, rutile quartz is characterised by its fine, golden strands encased within bright, clear quartz. Its metallic sheen is quiet, calm and understated, and each stone is completely unique. 

I'm so happy to introduce this collection of rings in beautiful, recycled gold and silver, each housing a glorious golden rutilated quartz and featuring a clean, open-backed setting to allow the beauty of the stone to shine, front and back.

Each ring is made to order in your chosen ring size featuring a hand-selected rutilated quartz from my own collection - it's a gemstone I absolutely adore, and I'm so happy to be sharing them with you!

delicate gold rings with rutilated quartz

There is a lovely subtlety to rutile quartz - it glimmers bright and gold, but the cool clarity of the quartz and the delicate form of the golden rutile needles give it a gentle elegance that is beautiful in its simplicity. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed quartz was water ice, permanently frozen by the gods, and the golden inclusions are sometimes known as Hairs of Venus.

Clear quartz itself is known as the Master Healer crystal, believed to have the ability to amplify and focus your intentions. Its white light contains the whole colour spectrum, and it has been used and adored throughout history and accross the world.

There is a fabulous podcast episode by the jewellery writer Carol Woolton on the subject of the magic, mystery and history of rock crystal, you can find it here, and it's a fascinating listen, I'd highly recommend!

Handmade silver ring with rutilated quartz

As always, each ring is entirely handcrafted in my own studio using traditional tools and processes, and each one is unique. The band is softly shaped for timeless elegance, and a beautifully clean, open setting houses the stone, letting the light in and framing the crystal with minimal fuss and plenty of quiet style. Given my signature, softly brushed finish for a gentle sheen and that authentic, raw style.

Close-up of matt texture on gold rings

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