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Introducing a new collection of handmade chain pieces

Quietly understated but delicately impactful, this is a collection of handmade chains in silver and gold - they are lightweight and wearable and with an unusual fused construction which gives an organic, flowing shape.

Designed and created to be versatile and joyful to wear whether you're dressing up or keeping it casual. Each link is made by hand, and made to last.

Handmade chains have been on my make-list for quite a long time so I'm really happy to be bring these pieces into the world. I love a reliable chain, and there is such richness and subtle variation in a handmade chain, they are such a valuable addition to any jewellery collection.

I have created neck chains and bracelets, along with a variety of earrings, from softly dramatic chain earrings to sweet and simple studs made by similar processes to those which shape the links in the chains. All have an unusual construction which allows for a little serendipity in the shapes that are created, as well as lots of vibrant but gentle movement, and each one is always unique

The images on this post, and many of the product images you'll see on the individual product pages, were shot by photographer Karen Young, and I think she has captured the tactility and the soft movement of these pieces so beautifully. My hope for my jewellery is always that it will feel effortless to wear, and every link in these chains has been created with that in mind, so it's really beautiful to see that conveyed in these shots.

If you'd like to know more about any pieces in this collection feel free to drop me a line, either on Instagram or by sending an email to me at info@sarahruthstanford.com. 

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