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My new, custom-made, naturally hand-dyed ribbon

I’m so pleased to share my brand new, custom made silk ribbon, which you will now find wrapping your jewellery on purchases from the website.

This is handmade ribbon, made using silk offcuts that have been reclaimed and recycled from the garment industry, that has been custom hand-dyed just for me in a small batch by Hannah at Hannah's Field (find her on Instagram @hannahs.field) using natural botanicals.

If you have been following me on Instagram for a while you might know that I’m an avid knitter, and I have a particular love for hand-dyed yarn, so this collaboration has been super exciting for me. It's not actually been much of a collaboration - it has all been Hannah's work and her incredible knowledge about dyeing, particularly using botanicals and natural materials - but it has been such a fun ride!

We connected on Instagram just before Christmas 2020 when Hannah suggested she might be able to dye something special to my specifications, and this particular batch of ribbon has been three months in the making, so I'm beyond thrilled to finally have it in my hands to send off adorning your jewellery parcels from now on. 

The colour is a subtle, soft, almost neutral gold - the perfect shade to compliment the colour that appears in my sunburst logo and on the banner of this website. Hannah has dyed it using alder cones, and there is a life and depth to the colour which is so characteristic of botanical hand-dyes - the slight variations in tone on the silk makes the fabric almost shimmer in a lovely, quiet way.

I'm so excited to be able to include this very special ribbon with your online purchases, and I can't help but wonder what it will be used for once you receive it. Perhaps you will use it to decorate a spring or summer wreath for your indoor wall (I usually have a wreath or sprig of greenery of some kind hanging up in my house, all year round, and they are often tied with ribbon!), or to tie a bow on a gift for a loved one. Do let me know if you find the perfect use for it after you have unwrapped your jewellery!

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