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On being mindful of my materials

Recycled gold grains on a soft grey background

One of the things that really fires me up about the jewellery that I make is the natural beauty of the materials I use. Of course, I don’t use pure gold or silver - that would be prohibitively expensive and totally impractical! But the elemental nature of the precious materials, and the exquisite wonder of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Although Sarah Ruth Stanford Jewellery is a small business and a very tiny part of the jewellery industry, out of respect for these natural materials I feel a responsibility to be mindful of what I put out into the world, and to ensure that the raw materials I use, including precious metals and precious and semi-precious gemstones, come from reliable sources.

My precious metals and gemstones come from trusted suppliers with high environmental and ethical standards. I currently use 100% recycled gold in my studio, and I use recycled silver wherever possible. 

A gently hammered silver Droplet necklace, laying casually on a soft tissue paper background

Everything is made here in my own studio with the exception of gold and silver ear scrolls (the back part of stud earrings) and the fine trace chain which forms part of my Droplet necklaces and bracelets, and theses are currently the only elements which I am unable to produce in recycled metal. I am working to change this, but it will add a considerable expense which is not yet justifiable or manageable - I’ll let you know when I come up with a reasonable solution.

My packaging materials are recycled and recyclable, and have been chosen to encourage re-use and re-purposing whenever possible. Sarah Ruth Stanford Jewellery presentation boxes are sturdy and fairly utilitarian in style, and if you no longer need your box for storing your jewellery I would be delighted if you reuse it for something else. Similarly, my postal boxes can be reused again and again or recycled. 

There is always more to do and more changes to make, but I will continue to make considered choices in the running of my studio to ensure that I operate in an environmentally, ethically and socially responsible way. 

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