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How to commission a piece of jewellery

One of the perks of buying from an independent designer is the ability to enter into discussions with your jeweller about your own preferences, your ideas, your likes and dislikes, and it brings such joy to both the craftsperson and the client when we can make your piece absolutely personal to you.

The techniques and processes I use ensure that every piece of jewellery I make is unique in its own way. But sometimes you might want something absolutely one-of-a-kind, and in these cases, I can either adapt a current design to your preferences, or create something entirely new.

There are so many beautiful reasons...

Beautiful simplicity in complicated times

Last week I released my final pieces of jewellery for the summer, and the pieces which have been forged during the most unusual, unexpected times. I have been truly moved by the response and the kind words from many of you about this jewellery, at this time, and I'm thrilled and honoured that it speaks to you in the way in which it was intended - of gentle joys, quiet moments and simple beauty. In many ways, this has been a challenging collection to put together. In other ways, it has been the most natural emergence of pendants and bracelets from my bench for a...

Why Jewellery?

Why jewellery?

I was recently asked - why jewellery? As someone who doesn’t wear much jewellery, what is it about this discipline, these pieces and this particular branch of contemporary craft that appeals to me? Why do I choose to make jewellery?

When put on the spot, I answered that I just always have. As a child my biggest hobby was stringing beads together and, as today, the process was my biggest joy. I often didn’t wear the beads that I’d strung, it was the very act of choosing them, handling them and making with them that I found exciting.

An alternative approach to Valentines Day

Gold Droplet Studs, and a Valentines offer

I wasn't going to offer a Valentines Day special event this year. Valentines Day has never been a particularly important feature in my calendar - I believe small acts of love can be performed anytime, and be just as meaningful, or even more so, away from the hype and pressure of this one particular day.

Gold Droplet Earrings laying on a natural cotton cloth

However, my children came home from school yesterday with a note explaining that...

Some interesting things about gold

This week saw the release of a new, baby addition to my Droplet collection: the Tiny Gold Droplet Charm, and as I write, the first small batch of them are making their way out into the world to meet and adorn their new owners.

I use and love both silver and gold in my jewellery practice, but there is something about gold that I'm particularly drawn to. As a maker I love to work with it, it's definitely my material of choice, and I'm always enthralled by the...