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Journal — mindful making

A personal drawing practice

Something really special happens when you put pencil to paper and allow shapes and lines and colours to form on the page. For some, journalling probably holds a similar magic for those who prefer to form words rather than lines or images. In much the same way that some people like to ‘journal out’ their thoughts or feelings, I find that unexpected connections are made when drawing, and ideas are born. 

close-up details from my sketchbook pages

I've had a complicated relationship with drawing in the past. The importance...

Beautiful simplicity in complicated times

Last week I released my final pieces of jewellery for the summer, and the pieces which have been forged during the most unusual, unexpected times. I have been truly moved by the response and the kind words from many of you about this jewellery, at this time, and I'm thrilled and honoured that it speaks to you in the way in which it was intended - of gentle joys, quiet moments and simple beauty. In many ways, this has been a challenging collection to put together. In other ways, it has been the most natural emergence of pendants and bracelets from my bench for a...