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Welcoming November: a late Autumn style edit

As we enter the final weeks of the year and reaccustom ourselves with the colder days and longer nights, it’s time to embrace the change of seasons and all it brings. At this time of year I love woollen cardigans and warm socks (being a keen knitter they’re hand-knit, of course!), and when it’s dry and bright I love a frosty morning walk, there’s something quietly invigorating about starting the work-day in the misty sunlight and seeing the glitter and sparkle of frost in the bright, low light.

For those with school-aged children here in the UK, today probably marks the beginning of the final half-term of the year, and if yours is anything like mine, it’s probably set to be a busy one. A packed schedule of school events, nativities, Christmas lists, parties, treats to prepare, parents evenings and more, as well as the usual autumn and winter festivities to fit in alongside everyday work and home commitments, can mean the days go by quickly and with little time to spare.

Here’s a roundup of current favourite jewels, all available now on the website, for an easy, versatile, put-together style in these glowing pre-Christmas weeks.

Handmade Chain Necklace

A chain necklace is such a great staple piece of jewellery. In the words of Daisy Shaw-Ellis at Vogue, “chain necklaces are clean, layerable, and just as casual or sophisticated as they need to be”, and I just love that. For me, a great chain is fluid, effortlessly comfortable, elevates the simplest of outfits and is grounding in a way that can make you feel feel put-together without needing to try hard - very important at any time of year! 

Chain necklace ISolid gold handmade chain necklace

My chain necklaces are a unique variation on the classic loop-in-loop chain: each link is hand cut, formed, and fused, resulting in a chain of repeating but subtly variegated shapes. From the simplest Chain Necklaces I and II, to the ultimate indulgence of the brand new solid gold handmade chain made to order in your perfect length, all are designed to wear everyday and made to last. 

Sarah wearing a hand-forged Droplet necklace 

It’s no secret that I love a simple, everyday-wearable necklace - something that can transcend changing fashions and that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. I wear a Droplet necklace in gold almost everyday, it stays on day and night and is my absolute go-to neckwear. These pieces are entirely hand-forged, every one shares the same origin story but each one is truly an individual. They have an intimate tactility, and, over time, you will get to know the feel of your own Droplet and will find comfort in its weight and surface. Perfectly simple, everyday luxury, and also available in silver.

As the weather gets colder and the need for hats and scarves increases, not to mention the fact that facemasks are still with us to help stop the spread of covid and flu, I find myself turning to smaller earrings that are less likely to get tangled in layers. 

Sarah wears Droplet studs in 9 carat gold

Droplet studs in gold or silver have a deceptively simple style, understated and with the look of a modern classic. Their raw but refined surface catches the light beautifully, diffusing it for a gentle glow, and they’re perfect for making the most of the soft, low light at this time of year. 

Short chain earrings in silver

For a versatile pair of everyday drop earrings, try the shortest style of chain earrings - part of the handmade chains collection but a great compliment to lots of styes and looks, these are lightweight and smooth to the touch, with the characteristic organic, relaxed appearance hat I love to build into my collections. They’re only 35mm long but with lots of movement for a fun, quietly confident look.

Fluttering studs

And brand new to the online collection are the sweet Fluttering studs - small but striking studs in solid 9 carat gold or silver, which as the name suggests have a delicate, fluttering movement as they're worn. They move softly with the body and the unusual fused construction gives a gently organic appearance. They’re perfect for when you want a simple stud but love a little bit of movement to add that extra sparkle. I’ve also made this style available as a longer earring instead of a stud for those who prefer the sleek simplicity of the ear wire, you can find them on the website.

Hand-forged hoops

Finally, my version of the always popular everyday hoop. These hoops are crafted from a single length of wire, shaped with beautiful slopes and curves, and hand-forged with my favourite, antique hammer with its well-worn face. The elegantly simple clasp mechanism is built into the design, giving the hoops a satisfying functionality. I like to give them a bright polish on the ear wire so they are super smooth to put in and out, while keeping the subtle rawness over the forged surface for that lovely, authentic character.

So there we go, just a small selection of my current favourites, all well suited to those Autumn/Winter layers! As always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or special requests, and I'd love to see how you style your pieces - you can tag me on Instagram @sarahruthstanfordjewellery if you'd be happy to share. Best wishes for a gorgeous November!


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