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Covid-19 Pandemic - an update on your orders

home studio during pandemic lockdown



After receiving good news from my suppliers and my assay office I am thrilled to be able to reopen the online shop, with orders currently being crafted in my sweet home studio. 

I hope everybody is and has been following the safety guidelines imposed on the country, and the world, to avoid spreading the Covid-19 virus, and I am taking every precaution to make sure that your jewellery is produced in...

Some interesting things about gold

This week saw the release of a new, baby addition to my Droplet collection: the Tiny Gold Droplet Charm, and as I write, the first small batch of them are making their way out into the world to meet and adorn their new owners.

I use and love both silver and gold in my jewellery practice, but there is something about gold that I'm particularly drawn to. As a maker I love to work with it, it's definitely my material of choice, and I'm always enthralled by the...

An easy, eco-friendly method of cleaning your jewellery

There are many reasons why your jewellery might need a bit of a clean. Everyday wear, or very infrequent wear, along with exposure to cosmetics, pollution and dirt can all contribute to your piece losing some of its vibrancy over time.

Dirt and dust can be easily (but carefully!) removed by gently washing the piece in warm water with a drop of liquid soap and a soft bristled brush - I like to use a soft toothbrush. Please take care, especially with delicate pieces and/or stones!

But if the jewellery is heavily discoloured and tarnished it will need something a bit more specialist, as soap and water will not remove this. As an alternative to commercial silver cleaners I'd like to share this quick and easy jewellery cleaning method, which uses super simple, safe ingredients which you probably have in your kitchen cupboards.

Welcome to the Journal

Welcome to the Journal, I'm glad you're here!

This is going to act like a blog, I suppose, but without a set structure or timeline. Also, I'm a maker, not a writer, and 'blog' sounds a little out of my comfort zone, so Journal it is.

Think of it like an artists journal; a working record of notes, inspirations, useful pieces of information and maybe some things I've loved, and would love to share.