contemporary minimalist jewellery, inspired by the romance of history, art and poetry


Broken statues and ancient busts, their battered stonework that has survived aeons and yet still show the mark of their makers' tools; unearthed treasures that come from the ground intact but with surfaces scratched, still bright under the dirt and dents; worn and weathered objects that have lived and endured; I'm inspired by the process of age and story upon art, artefacts, and architecture. Both the marks of making and the marks of time feed into a piece's allure.

At the heart of my collections are timeless, staple pieces, crafted for both luxury and daily wear. Inspired by history, mythology, antiquity, and architecture, I make jewellery for a simple, authentic lifestyle that comes to life when worn. Marks and patinas of wear that naturally develop over time add to the beauty, mystery, and individuality of jewellery and should be celebrated.

I believe in the value of craft, in the magic of making, and in the importance of connecting to our materials. I set the raw beauty of gold, silver, and natural gemstones into rich textures, giving the pieces a worn and weathered look; ancient-looking, but with a contemporary surface. My practice, design, and work continues the age-old tradition of jewellery as personal talisman, worn for protection, power, symbolism, and beauty.