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Textured gold and black tourmaline ring

Textured gold and black tourmaline ring

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A rose cut black tourmaline encased in gold. The band is textured, evocative of ancient treasures, and the setting is open-backed to allow the stone to be viewed and touched from both sides.

Black tourmaline has been used across continents and throughout the centuries to ward off negativity and harm and is still widely used as a talisman of protection both emotional and physical. Jet black in colour, sometimes containing small, shiny flecks of pyrite, it has long been associated with protection and grounding. It is one of the few stones that can generate and hold an electrical charge, which it is believed may help to shield from electromagnetic radiation from our multitude of electronic devices.


9 carat gold, black tourmaline. Stamped with the Edinburgh hallmark.


Round section band measures 1.5mm, freeform black tourmaline (pictured) is approximately 14mm x 12mm. This ring can be made to order in any size.


Current stock is size T, available for dispatch within 3-5 days. A similar ring can be made to order in any size, usually dispatched within 4 weeks. It contains a natural stone, and as such the shape and tone may vary slightly.

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