Gift Guides 2022: Raw but Refined Jewellery for an Understated, Everyday Luxury Style

Gift Guides 2022: Raw but Refined Jewellery for an Understated, Everyday Luxury Style

Do you still have special gifts to buy and need some help deciding? 

Here I’m sharing my top jewellery picks for the gift-worthy people in your life this festive season, and to help you narrow it down I've created handy guides organised by theme - we have jewellery for the Minimalist, the Partygoer, for Day-to-Evening Wear, for Everyday Casual, and for Self-gifting. Most pieces are either in stock online and ready-to-ship or, provided you don't wait too long, may be still be ordered in time for Christmas. 

Gifting during the festive season is a beautiful thing, but the best gifts are the ones that keep on bringing joy long after the decorations come down, so I hope you find the perfect special something for you or your loved ones here. I don’t believe in saving only ‘for best’, so all of my jewellery is designed and made to wear and love everyday, for beautiful, versatile, easy luxury style.


For the Minimalist:

For those of us who are minimalist at heart, even if not always in practice, a simple, timeless piece of jewellery that can be put on and never taken off is a gift that keeps on giving - one decision less every day, because your jewellery choice is taken care of, even if nothing else is. Textured gold sleeper hoops in glorious 9 or 18 carat, a super simple but richly textured band ring to warm your heart at every glance, and studs that suit any age and style.

Jewellery gift guide for the Minimalist

Clockwise from top right: Teardrop studs; Theia textured sleeper hoops; Theia narrow textured ring.


For the Partygoer:

Whether it's quiet evening drinks or a big dancing party, jewellery that feels comfortable and looks effortless is a must. Gold chains and dancing earrings that go with any outfit are the favourite party picks here - and for the introverted among us, they're all perfect for quieter gatherings too. Versatility, always.

Jewellery gift guide for the partygoer

Clockwise from top right: Handmade gold chain; Circe; Fluttering drop earrings. 


For Day-to-Evening Wear:

A little sparkle, a little shimmer, and ultra-wearable gold hoops that never look put of place, day or night. Day-to-evening jewellery is my favourite style - I like to put something on and know that it's going to look and feel good, all day long. 

Gift guide day-to-evening jewellery

Clockwise from top right: Theia gold and bi-colour zircon ring; Theia twisted medium hoops; Triple droplet necklace.


For Everyday Casual:

For when you're staying home in your favourite loungewear during the holidays , but still want to feel put-together - these pieces are super simple, beautifully textured, and are absolutely effortless to wear.

Jewellery gift guide for everyday casual style

Clockwise from top right: Theia small twisted hoops; Circe; Droplet studs.


For Self-Gifting:

Do you buy jewellery for yourself? Happily, I know many, many of you do, and I think it's magical. My personal favourite self-love gift is a quiet gold band ring - set an intention, remember a love, mark an occasion, or just because, and you'll be reminded of it all day long. Black tourmaline is powerful, and diamonds are wondrously beautiful, and any of these would make a gorgeous gift for yourself - buy once, wear forever.

Jewellery gift guide for Self-Gifting

Clockwise from top right: Theia textured ring size R; Teardrop studs with cognac diamonds; Nyx gold and black tourmaline ring, size T.



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