Introducing a new collection of handmade chain pieces

Quietly understated but delicately impactful, this is a collection of handmade chains in silver and gold - they are lightweight and wearable and with an unusual fused construction which gives an organic, flowing shape.

Designed and created to be versatile and joyful to wear whether you're dressing up or keeping it casual. Each link is made by hand, and made to last.


On the Jewellers Academy podcast

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jessica Rose, founder of Jewellers Academy and the London Jewellery School, about my work and experiences as a freelance bench assistant, for an episode of the Jewellers Academy podcast.


As well as designing, making and selling my own jewellery, part of my business is dedicated to working for other jewellers on a freelance basis, helping them with a variety of bench tasks.

It's something that I love doing, for so many reasons. I love to be at the bench and...

A new look for silver Flow rings

Organically shaped, handmade silver Flow rings in brushed silver

As I'm sure you know, the Flow pieces - rings first, then pendants and earrings - emerged during the past difficult winter. As a maker and designer, so much of what I create comes from how I'm feeling, and these pieces certainly mirrored what I felt during those long, dark winter days of 2020. The subtle, almost imperceptibly pale gold solder on the irregular curves felt like just the right touch - just the right amount of optimism to...

My new, custom-made, naturally hand-dyed ribbon

I’m so pleased to share my brand new, custom made silk ribbon, which you will now find wrapping your jewellery on purchases from the website.

This is handmade ribbon, made using silk offcuts that have been reclaimed and recycled from the garment industry, that has been custom hand-dyed just for me in a small batch by Hannah at Hannah's Field (find her on Instagram @hannahs.field) using natural botanicals.

If you have been following me on Instagram for...

Ring sizing tips: how to find your ring size at home

In an ideal world, the best way to accurately find your ring size is to visit a jeweller, who can measure your finger with a ring sizing tool and talk to you about fit, width, and how you intend to wear your jewellery. You will be able to try on a variety of accurately sized and graded rings until you get the perfect fit, and the jeweller will tell you what size you are. Sizes in the UK consist of a letter, and some jewellers use half-sizes too, a bit like shoes - so a ring size might be...