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Beautiful simplicity in complicated times

Last week I released my final pieces of jewellery for the summer, and the pieces which have been forged during the most unusual, unexpected times. I have been truly moved by the response and the kind words from many of you about this jewellery, at this time, and I'm thrilled and honoured that it speaks to you in the way in which it was intended - of gentle joys, quiet moments and simple beauty. In many ways, this has been a challenging collection to put together. In other ways, it has been the most natural emergence of pendants and bracelets from my bench for a...

Why Jewellery?

Why jewellery?

I was recently asked - why jewellery? As someone who doesn’t wear much jewellery, what is it about this discipline, these pieces and this particular branch of contemporary craft that appeals to me? Why do I choose to make jewellery?

When put on the spot, I answered that I just always have. As a child my biggest hobby was stringing beads together and, as today, the process was my biggest joy. I often didn’t wear the beads that I’d strung, it was the very act of choosing them, handling them and making with them that I found exciting.

On being mindful of my materials

Recycled gold grains on a soft grey background

One of the things that really fires me up about the jewellery that I make is the natural beauty of the materials I use. Of course, I don’t use pure gold or silver - that would be prohibitively expensive and totally impractical! But the elemental nature of the precious materials, and the exquisite wonder of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Although Sarah Ruth Stanford Jewellery is a small business and a very tiny part of the jewellery industry, out of respect for these natural materials I...

About Hallmarking

If you look very closely at many of my pieces, you will see a series of tiny letters, numbers and symbols. This is the hallmark, and not only is it is a guarantee of the metal’s fineness, it also adds to the story of how, when, and where it was made.

Close up of a gold band ring, showing the hallmark

The hallmark consists of a sponsors mark (Sarah Ruth Stanford Jewellery bears the letters ‘SRS’ within a chamfered rectangle), metal and fineness marks, and the official symbol of the ossay...

Why Recycled Gold?

As consumers, I hope we are becoming more and more conscious of the way in which our choices impact the environment. Humans have inhabited earth for 200,000 years - our ancestors for 6 million years - and yet we have changed the landscape of this planet more in the last 200 years than the entire time we existed before then.

Jewellery, like any other industry, has its part to play in ensuring we are mindful of the resources we gather and the way we use them. But unlike many other contemporary craft practices, the raw materials I use...