Winter Styling: Necklaces for Elevating a Timeless Winter Wardrobe

Winter Styling: Necklaces for Elevating a Timeless Winter Wardrobe

The winter season calls for necklaces to be refreshed and upgraded, worn comfortably over knitwear and transitioning effortlessly from daytime casuals to the cosy candlelight of indoor winter gatherings. 

What I'm wearing in the studio - timeless linen dress and knitwear elevated by a gold crescent necklace

As the winter season envelops us in its frosty embrace, our fashion choices lean towards cozy layers, warm textures, and classic pieces that withstand the test of time. For me, this often looks like a favourite heavy linen dress, usually layered with thermals underneath and woollen hand knits on top. A timeless winter wardrobe typically revolves around essential garments like natural fibre sweaters, tailored coats, and versatile boots - all of which is the perfect canvas for an easy-to-wear necklace to give a winter wardrobe a lift.

Jewellery can effortlessly elevate and personalise any outfit, including your winter daywear and evening wear. Whether you're opting for a minimalist, understated approach or seeking to make a statement, the right pieces can add just the right touch of glamour and understated elegance.

Discover two beautifully versatile necklaces from the online collections and how I've been wearing them with my everyday capsule winter wardrobe.


Crescent Necklace: a celestial and symbolic talisman inspired by myth, memento mori, and seasonal living

Gold crescent necklace, raw textured fine jewellery

The crescent, a symbol which signifies both the prospect of renewal and the certainty of endings. As a bright sliver of moon it marks the beginning of a new cycle and the return of light in the darkness. As the sickle of Death and the harvest, it promises that everything which begins must also end and begin anew. 

An emblem of cyclical living in timeless gold, this necklace is quiet, raw, tactile, impeccably crafted, and looks perfect either with casuals or when dressed up - absolutely made for meaningful daily wear.

Always opting for classic chains adorned with subtle pendants or charms, this necklace has become one of my go-to accessories this season. Their simplicity seamlessly integrates with my casual daywear and cozy home outfits, adding a touch of quiet luxury which always makes me smile.

In the studio, these understated necklaces gently lift both my mood and my outfit, their subtle shimmer catching the light as I work, offering a quiet reminder of cycles and seasons amid the creative chaos.

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Arrowhead Pendant: ancient inspired jewellery, made for modern adornment

Gold arrowhead pendant, talisman jewellery 

Arrows appear often in myth, folklore, literature and art, and are associated with love, courage and true aim. The Roman god Cupid’s arrow is for piercing love; the arrows of ancient Greek goddess Artemis of the hunt are swift and true. The arrow of time propels us onward, and the ubiquitous arrow of handwritten notes and journals tells us where the truly important things are written. 

A modern talisman, this arrowhead pendant is modelled on my own sketchbook drawings of ancient, jewel-like stone arrowheads, and is fastened with a handmade, ancient style hook clasp which is as beautiful and functional now as ever.

Both delicate and strong like the artefacts that inspired it, each pendant is hand carved with subtle variations in shape, size and texture, the perfect necklace for inner strength and quiet confidence to wear daily, whether dressing up or keeping it casual.

These versatile necklaces are symbolic of my personal style and my jewellery design ethos - timeless, versatile, beautifully understated, and adaptable, perfectly harmonizing with my winter aesthetic, both in the studio and at home.

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Gold arrowhead talisman pendant, gothic inspired raw textured jewellery 

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