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Crescent Necklace, Gold

Crescent Necklace, Gold

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The crescent, a symbol which signifies both the prospect of renewal and the certainty of endings. As a bright sliver of moon it marks the beginning of a new cycle and the return of light in the darkness. As the sickle of Death and the harvest, it promises that everything which begins, must also end. 

A powerful symbol, strongly associated with Artemis, ancient Greek goddess of the hunt, this crescent represents the bright other side of memento mori, latin for 'remember that you will die' - a call to memento vivere: 'remember to live'.

A richly textured crescent shaped pendant, suspended on a classic trace chain, finished with a handmade hook clasp.

This necklace is available in small and large sizes.


9 carat gold.


Small crescent measures 15mm x 8mm, 1.5mm thick. Chain length is 18", chain width is 1.5mm.

Large crescent measures 19mm x 10mm, 1.5mm thick. Chain length is 20", chain width is 1.5mm.


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