About Sarah


Sarah Ruth Stanford, contemporary jewellery design - inspired by history, handmade for meaningful modern adornment


The history and versatility of craft lie at the heart of my design and practice. Treading the line between raw and refined, I combine the natural beauty of precious materials with beautifully crafted, timeless forms, making wearable treasures made for easy-luxury and everyday wear.

Ancient hoards and archaeological finds show that the history of jewellery runs as far back as the history of humankind. We have always worn and adorned ourselves with precious objects that might represent parts of our world, beliefs, or status; our place in society and the cosmos. The focus of my research and practice is this innate human desire to decorate our bodies as well as the personal and emotional significance and symbolism that we place upon that jewellery.

I make all of my jewellery by hand using both traditional and modern goldsmithing techniques. My intuitive designs seek to transcend changing fashions to last lifetimes...and beyond.


BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing, Edinburgh College of Art, 2012