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 Sarah, contemporary UK jeweller, wearing a linen dress and a raw gold disc pendant, smiling at the camera. She is indoors, bathed in sunlight from a window.



"A love of craft, history, and simple, versatile style is at the heart of my designs, and I love to tread the line between raw and refined, finding an authenticity which is tempered, patiently coaxed into everyday-wearable treasures that are gentle but retain some of the character and story of the processes that made them.
The longevity of the materials I work with - precious gold and silver, and wondrous natural gemstones - is a constant source of inspiration, and I aim to create pieces which transcend changing fashions and can last lifetimes and beyond.
Sarah x."



Sarah is a contemporary jewellery designer and freelance bench worker based in Nottingham, UK. Firmly rooted in traditional craft skills and with an intuitive design process, she creates collections and commissions that are made for easy-luxury, everyday wear. 


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