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About the Jeweller



 Sarah Ruth Stanford Jewellery

Sarah designs and makes contemporary jewellery in gold, silver and gemstones, from her studio in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Her jewellery often has a quiet, minimalist style, but with a soft, expressive, intuitive feel. She creates staple pieces which transcend changing fashions, and which she likes to describe as quietly confident, everyday luxury. Always focussed on exquisite craftsmanship and quality over quantity, her small collections appeal to those looking to invest in personal, meaningful jewellery for beautifully understated adornment.

Sarah's inspiration comes from her drawings and from the materials themselves. The beauty of golden sunshine on metal, or the marks of the hammer during the making process, all feeds into her sensitive, personal design practice. She graduated with a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012, and when she's not making jewellery she can often be found knitting or sewing for her own sustainable handmade wardrobe.

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