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Curating a jewellery collection to bring daily joy

I have noticed a move towards more intentional, streamlined jewellery purchases over the past months, and buyers are looking to buy less, but buy better - 'better' meaning pieces that are really considered, often saved for, that will bring meaningful daily joy for a long time. 

Handmade gold chain necklace

As we emerge into a new phase of the pandemic, and while daily living costs soar and the news coming from home and abroad is unsettling, I think many of us are reevaluating what we...

Golden Lights - new rutilated quartz rings

Coveted for its unique inclusions, rutile quartz is characterised by its fine, golden strands encased within bright, clear quartz. Its metallic sheen is quiet, calm and understated, and each stone is completely unique. 

I'm so happy to introduce this collection of rings in beautiful, recycled gold and silver, each housing a glorious golden rutilated quartz and featuring a clean, open-backed setting to allow the beauty of the stone to shine, front and back.

Each ring is made to order in your chosen ring size featuring a hand-selected rutilated quartz from my own collection - it's a gemstone I absolutely adore, and I'm so happy to be...

Alternative favourites for Valentines Day

I don’t usually make a big thing of Valentines Day - love comes in all shapes and I think everyday should be a day to show your loves that you love them! But I know lots of you celebrate on February 14th, so I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite alternative Valentines ideas to share with your people or to enjoy yourself, quite frankly, any time you like! 

Not just roses 🌿

I'm always delighted to buy or receive cut flowers, and roses are undeniably glorious, but for something that will bring joy for a little longer I...

How do you like to party?

As the festivities draw nearer, here are my top picks for party-ready jewellery this season, whether it's a quiet gathering at home or a festive trip out-out!

As always, every piece is designed to be comfortable and wearable, and these pieces are my favourites for casual elegance with an extra impact for your celebrations. Stay safe at those parties!


These Fine Chain Earrings are wonderfully tactile, their long length just brushing the bottom of the neck. A unique variation on the classic loop-in-loop chain, each link is hand cut, formed, and...

Five favourites for everyday

Christmas is only two weeks away, but there is still plenty of time to place your orders (or drop plenty of hints!) if you'd love something new to wear or something special to gift this Christmastime.

My great love in jewellery is very much about easy luxury, raw but refined style, and simple beauty, and in this gift guide I'd like to share my five favourite pieces for an easy to wear, everyday style this winter.


Fluttering studs, gold

Super cute studs with such a sweet, flickering movement - they flutter gently...