Sleeper Hoops and Studs, for Day and Night Wear

Sleeper Hoops and Studs, for Day and Night Wear

“Everybody’s looking for their tiny piece of meaning. Some fleeting, perfect thing that might make them more alive.”

- Kae Tempest, The Bricks that Built the Houses


Do you wear your jewellery overnight?

I’m a minimalist at heart (if it wasn’t for my kids and their piles of stuff I’m sure I’d be a minimalist in practice too!) and I strive to keep my decision-making as simple as possible, so I’ll often settle on wearing pieces of jewellery that I love, that hold some meaning for me, that work with my lifestyle and wardrobe at a particular time, and stick with them for a while, day and night.

a small textured gold sleeper hoop worn in a second ear piercing, alongside a larger gold hoop earring

a pair of small gold sleeper earrings laying in gentle sunlight on a natural cloth background

Introducing... THEIA sleeper hoops and studs, for day and night wear.

The overnight earring, reimagined - designed to put in and keep in, these styles are made with a carefully designed ear post, which fits securely in the ear without the need for a butterfly back. The shape of the ear post fits comfortably and snugly against the ear, meaning it can be worn throughout the night with absolute ease and comfort. 

I’ve been wearing a pair of THEIA fine textured sleeper hoops for weeks, 24/7, and they simply feel part of my ear. A subtle glimmer of gold for everyday (and night).

I love the elegant simplicity of these styles - there is no need for additional parts, no worries about putting in and taking out at the beginning and end of your days, and there is an efficiency of design and warmth of texture which I just love. 

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